Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adding Curb Appeal

It starts at the curb. Here are a few trouble areas your should address when considering curb appeal;

Landscaping. Replace dead plants ans shrubs with new ones. In spring plant some inexpensive flowers to add color and visual interest. Don't forget the lawn. Are their bare spots that can be reseeded, and don't forget to fertilize, what a different a lush greener lawn can make.

Porches. If your home has a porch make it charming and inviting. Have some outdoor seating and treat it as an additional living space. Some potted flowers and a clean outdoor mat can make a big difference.

Fence. if your home has a fence make sure that it is painted or stained so that stands out, looks fresh and adds some interest to the yard.

Lighting. what a difference new lighting makes. For not a lot of money, you can change out those pitted, faded lights and add new ones, updating the look of the front of your home.

Front Door. If you can't afford to change it, how about a new paint color, or add a kick plate to revive the look of the door instantly. Add a seasonal wreath and your home will say welcome!

Painting. Does the house need a coat of paint. How about a good power washing to make it clean and show worthy.

Windows. If any are broken they must be fixed or replaced immediately. If they are in great shape then clean them and make them sparkle and shine.

Driveway and Walkways. Does the driveway need any repairs? If so, fix and patch any cracks or holes. The same thing for the walk way. Make sure it is clear of any hanging branches that might block the pathway to your door.

By following these few guidelines, you are sure to gain the curb appeal that will add additional value to your home for very little cost.


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