Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is your family room tired, dull and predictable?

Does your family room look tired, dull, and predictable? Here are a few ideas that can spruce up your room that won't cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.

Let's start with the floor and add a colorful area rug that will not only add interest to your room but will anchor your furniture arrangement by placing it under the sofa and coffee table. Two things happen; it instantly grounds the space and gives you color choices when adding accessories to the room. Take a color from the rug and add accent pillows, a throw, or even new candles of that same color to punch up interest in the room.

No focal point in your room, create your own. How about a interesting piece of art work. Try a large striking piece to make a dramatic statement. Or group a smaller prints together but use frames of the same size and color so they instantly relate to each other.

No art work, no problem. Just pick one wall and paint it a different contrasting color and create stunning drama!

Use what you have. Are you a collector of objects? Don't scatter them around the room, group them together and they will draw attention to the collection and make them look important. So if you're at the beach and collect some great sea shells, fill an apothecary jar with them and place them on your coffee table to remind you of the beach every day! If you collect clocks, books, colorful vases, or even antique toys group them together and they will create color and presence in the room.

Bring the outdoors in by adding plants and potted trees to the room. If you don't have the real thing go for the silk versions. They add color and drama to any space.

Choose one piece of furniture to spark interest. Do you have a special antique, a desk, hand painted chest, or a family heirloom properly displayed can be the star of the room!

So think outside the box and shake up that boring room. Take it from drab to fab with very little work.

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