Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adding Visual Interest

Is your living room Blah? Just no visual interest at all. Sometimes all it takes is to add some interest to a room.

There are several ways to do this by adding some spice to shake up the look. And it can be done with a few simple additions like:
  • Soften a hardwood floor by adding a pattern area rug.
  • Replace an overhead light fixture with a decorative chandelier.
  • Add a lightweight wicker or rattan chair to your living room, ready to be pulled up to any conversation grouping.
  • Add chenille or velvet pillows to a leather sofa for a softer affect.
  • Trim a table skirt with a braid or some silk fringe.
  • Add decorative tassels to curtain tiebacks.
  • Drape a soft fleecy throw over any chair or sofa in the room.

Enjoy decorating your home. make it your personal oasis!

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