Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ten Decorating Tips For The New Year

Here are ten decorating tips that will help you plan your 2008 decorating:

1. Set a budget and stick to it.... no matter how much you like that armoire!

2. Set aside a block of time to dedicate to the project each week.

3. Get friends and family to help...that's what they're for!

4. Before you begin have everything purchased.

5. Do your the manuals and instructions.

6. Get ideas from books and magazines on designs that call you in.

7. Extreme decorating can be scary... get opinions from friends and family before you paint that wall fuchsia!

8. If the job is too big.....hire a professional. A professional decorator isn't expensive if you only need an opinion.

9. Think safety...hire a pro for electrical and plumbing work.

10. Have fun.....your labor of love shouldn't turn into a chore. Love your home!

Here's to happy decorating in 2008 and falling in love with your home again!

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