Monday, January 28, 2008

Ten Home Staging Tips

Here are a few more home staging tips:

1. Start at the curb. Eliminate all unnecessary items from the front porch, lawn and driveway. Toys, ladders, coolers, tools, or junks should be out of sight. Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, trim overgrown trees, shovel the snow from the walkway and you'll add to the curb appeal. If possible, plant a few flowers or hang a beautiful flower basket. Power wash the porch and front entrance. Paint the front door, if necessary. Make the entry look welcoming and inviting.

2. Simply Declutter. Take one room at a time and edit the space. Coffee tables, bookshelves, and fireplaces all need SIMPLE accents. Empty closets. Donate all usable items and throw away all the junk! Closets need to be clean, well organized and roomy.

3. Turn your unused treasures into money. That's right, have a garage sale. This is a great opportunity to eliminate housewares, clothing, toys, tools, that someone else could use and love.

4. Become the "room detective". Many rooms have little things that need attention. Is there a leak, or painting mistakes or sloppiness? By just changing a kitchen faucet you can bring new life to that old sink. Be critical, or better yet, have a friend or a professional tell you what oddities catch her eye.

5. Fix what's broken. If you can't fix it, hire a pro to do the work. A good repair, done right, will reap big rewards.

6. Clean till it sparkles. Start with windows, scrub rugs, if needed. Paint or wash walls, especially entry ways. Kitchens and bathrooms have to be clean and shiny. Mirrors and hardware must sparkle. Make the beds, vacuum and dust. Open window treatments to let some light into the room.

7. Let your home breathe. Let in some fresh air, get rid of pet and cooling odors.

8. Don't be in the dark. Open the curtains, turn on lights, (3 per room) and let the room sparkle. A dark room isn't welcoming and appears small and dingy.

9. Keep it fresh. Light a few candles, turn on the fireplace, and add fresh some fresh flowers, if possible. You'll make the room more inviting.

10. Remember the Noise Factor. Your barking dog needs to get a sitter. Play some great background music, and keep the television off.

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