Monday, January 28, 2008

How To make A Small Room Bigger

1. Declutter the room. Get rid of magazines, newspapers, stacks of mail, and other things that tend to accumulate. Remove the nick-nacks and accessive clutter on tables, Too many candles and collections make the room look unkept..

2. Mirrors work wonders on small rooms. Rooms that are too small can look bigger by hanging a few mirrors and light colored art work. Mirrors can open up a room, increase the light in the room and make the space more inviting.

3. Don't crowd a room with oversized furniture. Try an oversized love seat instead of a full sofa which could crowd you out. Downsize your furniture if you can and it will create more walking space in the room. Choose pieces of furniture that do double duty. Try using an ottoman for a coffee table. It instantly adds another seat in the room when needed. An even better idea is to have an ottoman that opens up for storage, keeping pillows and throws hidden. They can also hold magazines and even a few of the kids toys.

4. Accessorize your room. Keep it simple and don't over decorate. Try having one special WOW! piece in the room instead of many little collections spread over the room. One beautiful flower arrangement on a coffee table makes a much better statement than having too many sea shells or candlesticks spread all over the table.

5. The room doesn't have to be white? To make a small room look bigger you're not stuck with using only light colors. A dark paint can create depth and space if you paint the ceiling a lighter version of the wall paint. It will make the ceiling in the room appear higher.

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