Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winter Decorating Tips

Happy new year!

Christmas is over, holiday decorations are packed away for another year, and your home looks blah and bland! Now what?

Winter is a great time, especially since you're indside, to get the decorating juices flowing. Here are a few suggestions for getting started:

1. Pick a room. Decorating can be overwhelming if you look at your entire house at one time. You really need to break the house down into smaller projects. So, pick one room or area and it's a good idea to start with the room that's bugging you most.

2. De-clutter the space. Things like, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, kids toys, or any unnecessary items that need to be put in their own places. Don't be afraid to throw away or donate to charity items that are no longer needed. And clean as you go to make the work area as fresh as possible.

3. Determine what the space needs. Do you need paint, new carpeting, draperies, furniture, wall hangings, or accessories? It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can accomplish.

3. Start with Color. Is it just a fresh coat of paint that will make a great change, or maybe it needs new carpeting. If so, find the color pallet that makes sense.

4. How is the furniture? Does it need to be replaced, or is it working for you. Sometimes rearranging the room can make a huge impact.

5. Pulling it all together. That's where new pillows, area rugs, drapery, and accessories make a difference. Accessories are the jewelry or the finishing touches in the room that give a room personality.

6, Don't be afraid to ask for help? People think that professional help is expensive. Often you only need some advise or to have a professional verify that you're on the right track. An hour consultation is an inexpensive way to get a number of great ideas to compliment your design and pallet. Maybe the project isn't as big as you thought. By seeking the help of a professional you might be able to save money by not purchasing unnecessary items and using things that you already have.

Here's to a new year and falling in love with your home again.

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